Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
2014/06/15 - Bonnaroo, That Tent; Manchester TN, USA

Taper: travelinbeat
Source: CA-11's (Cards) @ NOS > Church Audio 9200 Pre > R-09HR @ 24/96
Location: 9ft high, 2ft LOC, FOB (~60ft from stage)
Editing: Tracking and normalization (each channel independently to -0.10dB) were done while the show was laid in Sony Soundforge 9.0a (Build 297) as a wav file. Periodic loud points were enveloped slightly to allow for more headroom in Normalization.
Conversion: Trader's Little Helper v.2.7.0 (Build 172)

01- Intro 01:25
02- Stop Your Crying 04:04
03- What About Me? 04:37
04- Clear a Space 04:12
05- Look at What Mistake 04:52
06- Bad Self Portraits 03:29
07- Don't Make Me Hold Your Hand 05:49
08- Use Me Up 04:23
09- Hello? Goodbye! 03:32
10- Bobby Tanqueray 03:29
11- Just Ask 06:44
12- Rabid Animal 03:24
13- Seventeen 04:35
14- I Want You Back * 04:59
15- You Go Down Smooth 04:15


* Originally performed by The Jackson Five

First tape of the last day. I saw these guys perform four months earlier at the venue I work at in DC. They were really impressive so I definitely wanted to be sure to catch them again at Bonnaroo and I'm glad I did!

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