Live at Parkhotel in Bremen/Germany, 1962-04-23

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SOUND: A/A- (very good sound for that age of recording!!, listen to mp3 sample)

Dave Lambert, Jon Hendricks, Annie Ross -Vo;
Gildo Mahones -P;
Rick Laird -B;
Chris Caran -D;

01 Yardbird Suite 6.54 [Trio]
02 Introduction By Siegfried Schmidt-Joos
03 Avalon 8.59 [Trio]
04 So What 7.22 [Trio]
05 It's Sand, Man 2.26
06 Rusty Dusty Blues 5.57
07 One O'clock Jump 3.17
08 Bijou 4.09
09 Work Song 3.44
10 The Spirit Feel 8.37
11 Trio Introduction By Dave Lambert 1.19
12 Avenue C 3.32
13 All Blues 9.56 [Trio]
14 Cottontail 3.45
15 Moanin' 2.58
16 Sermonette 2.43
17 Jackie 4.58
18 Caravan 3.05
19 Swingin' Till The Girls Come Home 6.46
20 Every Day 6.04
21 Cloudburst 4.29

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Once in England, Rick began working with the vocal group Lambert, Hendricks, and Ross. He toured with them throughout Europe, and shortly after returning to England played bass for Zoot Sims and saxophonist Al Cohn when they appeared at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club in London. Afterwards, Rick freelanced for a short time, and then joined keyboardist Brian Auger's rock band, which featured John McLaughlin on guitar. Conflicts arose between Auger and Laird because Rick's main interest was still with jazz.

Certainly one of the premier jazz vocal acts of all time, Lambert, Hendricks & Ross revolutionized vocal music during the late '50s and early '60s by turning away from the increasingly crossover slant of the pop world to embrace the sheer musicianship inherent in vocal jazz. Applying the concepts of bop harmonies to swinging vocal music, the trio transformed dozens of instrumental jazz classics into their own songs, taking scat solos and trading off licks and riffs in precisely the same fashion of their favorite improvising musicians.

After constant touring began to wear her out, Ross left the group in 1962. Lambert and Hendricks replaced her with Yolande Bavan, and continued recording for RCA. However, it was nearly impossible to replace a soloist of Ross' caliber, and the three albums Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan recorded between 1962 and 1964 were decidely below par. The group broke up in 1964, and Lambert's death in a traffic accident just two years later quashed any hopes of a reunion. Both Hendricks and Ross continue to perform and record, with Ross doing much theater and film work as well.