Lance Lopez

Lucky Mojo's
Long Island City, N.Y.

November 22nd, 2008'

Recorded & Transferred by Bob Pitlak

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*Decent audience recording ( 16 Bit ), excellant performance!

For fans of Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray,Frank Marino,Eric Gales,
your gonna want this show!

Lance Lopez's psychadelic blues really stand out in this show
as every show he does is differant, this one really stands out
among all my recordings of Lance as it's laced with funky
psychadelic grooves with lot's of wailing blistering guitar as
usual with Lance Lopez & Co.

What stands out in this show is the extended solo's on the slow
blues song's with Lance paying big homage to Stevie Ray Vaughan
especially on 2 Cigarettes.

Also,couple of nice ZZ Top covers thrown in as customary at a
Lance Lopez show, not forgetting his idol Jimi Hendrix Lance
does a really nice take on Gypsy Eyes and Manic Depression.

The rest of the show consists mostly of Lance Lopez songs, some
are embryonic versions of songs off his latest cd, "Salvation
From Sundown".

I highly recommend buying the new cd online or anywhere it's
available especially overseas as it's Killer !

Support Lance by going to a live show and buying a cd etc.

How To:

The Band:

Lance Lopez:Guitar/Vocal's
Kelly Kincaid:Bass
Cody Norman:Drums


Disc 1: ( 48:25 ) Min

01:Stones In My Pathway
02:Locked Out Of Love
03:Love-Hate Relationship
04:There Is Love
05:Band Intro's-That's A Fact
06:Shake Joint

Disc 2: ( 68:32 ) Min

01:Everytime I Turn Around
02:El Paso Sugar
03:Cheap Sunglasses
04:Kool Iron Bed
05:Love Of Mine
06:Got My Eyes On You Baby

Disc 3: ( 50:42 ) Min

01:Gypsy Eyes
02:2 Cigarettes
04:I Don't Want No More-Manic Depression

Not 4 Sale, Trade Only !

Crack one open & enjoy !