Lance Lopez Band

BB Kings
New York City

November 27th, 2009

Jimi Hendrix 67th Birthday Celebration

Recorded & transferred by Bob Pitlak

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This was a special night full of suprises, the headliner being
Lance Lopez this year for good reason.

Lance is one of the top players out there, his passion for playing
guitar is so obvious when he's onstage, given the task of being top
gun on the bill the pressure must have been on to outdo everyone
else and he pulled it of easily.

As he mentions several times during the show his love for Jimi's
music and how it inspired him, he pays homage to Jimi in true fashion,
not note for note but close enough to show you how great Jimi was.His
take on all Jimi's songs are mesmerizing , ferocious, brilliant at
times, the cover of Burning On The Midnight Lamp is amazing, and his
attempt at Pali Gap was unbelievable, this was a song i believe Jimi
never played live.

Awesome performance and capture of this event, if you know Lance Lopez
it's a no brainer to grab this show, if you like Hendrix and wanna check
out a great guitarist grab this show.

The Band:

Lance Lopez: Guitar/Vocals
Mike Nuno: Bass
Mike Napi: Drums

Setlist: ( 48:31 ) Minutes

01: Little Miss Lover
02: Dolly Dagger
03: Can You See Me
04: Lance introduces Band
05: Burning Of The Midnight Lamp
06: Killing Floor
07: Pali Gap
08: Lance Thanx Family
09: Freedom

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