Lance Lopez Band

Terra Blues
New York City

December 2nd, 2009'

Recorded & transferred by Bob Pitlak

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This is by far the best recording & performance i have had the
pleasure to witness of the Lance Lopez Band.

Lance was on fire, playing some of the baddest, searing, molten
blues you could ever want to hear, one song after another he
continues to suprise the audience with a mix of originals and
some Hendrix covers, also throwing in the obligatory blues
standards.To my amazement, Lance has some repetoire of blues
classics in his toolbox, and he nails em' too !.

During the 3rd Set a couple of guys in the crowd beg Lance to
play some Stevie Ray Vaughan by throwing some money onstage so
Lance obliges giving us a little Scuttle Buttin.Shortly again
they come back asking for some Yardbirds or Clapton and throw
some more money onstage so he caves in and does Crossroads by
Robert Johnson & everybody and their brother.Lance ends the show
with a really tasty Albert King flavored Crosscut Saw.

A must have show for all blues lovers !

The Band:

Lance Lopez: Guitar/Vocal's
Mike Nuno: Bass
Mike Napi: Drums
Barry Harrison: Guest Drums


Disc 1: 1st Set ( 61:43 ) Minutes

01: Lance Greets Crowd
02: Love Of Mine
03: Killing Floor
04: Locked Out Of Love
05: My Good Thang
06: Dolly Dagger/Pali Gap
07: Behind My Wheel

Disc 2: 2nd Set ( 69:47 ) Minutes

01: Heart Fixin' Business
02: Stones In My Passway
03: Everytime I Turn Around
04: Little Miss Lover
05: Why
06: Driving A Cadillac
07: Got My Eyes On You Baby

Disc 3: 3rd Set ( 48:09 ) Minutes

01: Instrumental
02: Drowning On Dry Land
03: Scuttle Buttin'
04: Gone Too Long
05: Crossroads
06: LaGrange
07: Crosscut Saw

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