Lance Lopez

New York City

June 10th, 2010'

Recorced & transferred by Bob Pitlak

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As usual, Lance delivers another blistering performance, what
could be added to the fact that Lance is one of the baddest
mutha's on guitar, continually honing his skills and most
importantly his repetoire here as he play's some songs off his
new cd "Salvation From Sundown", yet offering up some of the usual
blues standards.

What made this night differant was a couple of suprise guest's like
Jimi Hendrix friend, Paul Caruso who joined onstage for a couple of
songs, also 11 year old bassist Katelin Deutsch who came in from Ohio
to play Hey Joe. Next guest was Barry Raymonde who came onstage with
saxophone in hand to play Shake Joint.

Lastly, Lance asks Larry McCray to come back onstage as well as Paul
Caruso, Barry Raymonde for "Drowning On Dry Land " with much interplay
here between player's to end the show , just jammin.

If you don't know Lance Lopez and Like blues/rock you need to download
this show and check out a great guitarist.!

Excellant performance and nice audience recording !

The Band:

Lance Lopez: Guitar/Vocal's
Billy Cristiani:Bass
Tony Beard:Drums
Paul Caruso:Guest Harmonica
Barry Raymonde:Guest Saxophone
Katelin Deutsch:Guest Bass


Disc 1: ( 71:08 ) Min

01:Love Of Mine
02:Locked Out Of Love
03:My Good Thang
04:Heart Fixin Business
05:El Paso Sugar/One Half Hour
07:Lance Introduces Paul Caruso
08:It Should Of Been Me
09:Lance introduces Katelin Deutsch
10:Hey Joe
11:Shake Joint

Disc 2: ( 43:25 ) Min

01:2 Cigarettes
02:Salvation From Sundown
03:Drowning On Dry Land/Jam

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