Lance Lopez

The Georgetown Saloon
Redding, Ct.

June 12th, 2010'

Recorded & Transferred By Bob pitlak

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This was a much differant show in many ways compared to B.B.Kings
in New York 2 days ago, since i was spending time with Lance on his
trip to New York i was able to go with them to both gigs, this show
was in rural Conneticut in a small saloon which has weekly live music,
basically a bar/restuarant with a stage and a dancefloor, that said
that had no real effect on Lance's performance until he started

Like a bull out of the gate Lance rips into "Have You Ever Loved A
Woman" with a vengeance, then keeps the pace going with " Hideaway"
just setting the stage for a real loose , bluesy night with some
really long solo's at times.

Lance just blew this crowd away, he had came to play and i think he
wanted to stretch out a bit here after B.B.'s Show so he really tore
it up especially on the long blues standards, some of the more memorable
moments were when he was Playing a couple of ZZ Top Tunes, the crowd just
ate it up, even had a bunch of people dancing.

Mixed in with a couple of his new songs off "Salvation From Sundown", and
a couple of Jimi Hendrix tunes, this crowd was begging for more .

Excellent performance and nice audience recording !

The Band:

Lance Lopez:Guitar/Vocal's
Billy Cristiani:Bass
Tony Beard:Drums
Mike Nuno: Guest Bass*


Disc 1: ( 73:33 ) Min

01:Have You Ever Loved A Woman
03:It Should Of Been Me
04:Killing Floor
05:Heart Fixin Business
06:My Good Thang
07:Everytime I Turn Around
08:El Paso Sugar

Disc 2: ( 78:09 ) Min

02:Love Of Mine
03:Stones In My Pathway
04:Behind The Wheel
05:Hear My Train A Comin'
06:Spanish Castle Magic
07:Cheap Sunglasses

Disc 3: ( 41:24 ) Min

01:Friend Of Mine
02:Salvation From Sundown
03:Got My Eyes On You Baby*
04:Encore: Voodoo Chile ( slight Return )

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