Lance Lopez

Terra Blues
New York City

July 20th 2011'

Recorded & Transferred by Bob Pitlak

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16 bit audience recording

Once again Lance Lopez comes to town to play his ass off as usual shakin the
rafters at Terra Blues with his blistering assault of high powered blues here
folks, nothing new about the ferocious guitar by Lance Lopez for the people that
know about him except he has a new band and some new songs in the lineup. What's
noticeably differant is Chris Gibson on bass guitar who lends his voice on such
blues classics like "Muddy Water" & "Every Day I Have The Blues" as well as "My
Baby She's Gone", really adding a new dimension to the band i must say.

The show starts off with what appears to be a new instrumental, a loose funky jam
to get things going, as the show rolls on Lance brings saxophonist Baron Raymonde
onstage for several numbers as each musician trade licks here making it very interesting
to say the least, this guy can really pump out some sounds on that saxophone.

The second set starts off with B.B.King's "Everyday I Have The Blues" which is nicely
done here, followed by Lance Lopez cover "Love Of Mine" and things really start to crank up
here with some red hot molten guitar searing the audience and Lance starts hitting his
stride on " Have You Ever Loved A Woman", a 20 minute take on this classic is impressive
to say the least.

3rd Set starts off with what appears to be another new song at least to my ears called
" Your Love " a Texas flavored romp on guitar which is tasty i must say, followed by a
real slow ballad called " Why " drenched in emotion a slow burner that just grabs you
inside, the rest of the show is just more of the same great blues guitar folks.

Killer performance and sweet audience recording!

If you don't know Lance Lopez and like killer blues guitar your gonna want to grab this one,
if you know Lance Lopez already it's a no-brainer just grab it!

The Band

Lance Lopez: Guitar/Vocal's
Chris Gibson: Bass/Vocal's*
Mike Napi: Drums
Baron Raymonde: Saxophone+


Disc 1-1st Set ( 76:16 ) Min

01: Instrumental
02: Gone Too Long
03: Muddy Water*
04: Heart Fixin Business
05: My Good Thang+
06: You Gotta Change+
07: Got My Eyes On You Baby+

Disc 2-2nd Set ( 61:10 ) Min

01: Everyday I Have The Blues*
02: Love Of Mine
03: My Baby She's Gone*
04: El Paso Sugar
05: One Half Hour
06: Have You Ever Loved A Woman

Disc 3-3rd Set ( 32:05 ) Min

01: Your Love
02: Why
03: Stones In My Pathway
04: Behind The Wheel


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