Landmine Free World - Annexet, Globen, Stockholm, January 19 2002 [2002-01-19]
Emmylou Harris, Steve Earle, John Prine, Nanci Griffith, Elvis Costello

Source: audience (5th row, right) -> Sound Professional BMC6-mics (AT803b, omni-directional) -> SP batterybox -> Sony R37 minidisc.
Transfer: Sony deck -> Audiophile Delta 2496 (digital in) -> Emagic Logic -> few edits -> SHN -> xACT -> FLAC.
Taper: quos

CD 1:
1. intro
2. Emmylou: Red Dirt Girl
3. Steve: Taneytown
4. Elvis: Indoor Fireworks
5. intro
6. Nanci: Traveling Through This Part Of You
7. intro
8. John: Far From Me
9. intro
10. Emmylou: Bang The Drum Slowly
11. intro
12. Steve: You Know The Rest
13. intro
14. Elvis: No Wonder
15. Nanci: Listen To The Radio
16. John: That's The Way That The World Goes Round
17. intermission, Emmylou
18. Chris Noth ("Mr Big") introduction
19. Bobby Muller speech

CD 2:
1. intro
2. Emmylou: The Pearl
3. John: Sam Stone
4. intro
5. Nanci: Goodnight New York
6. intro
7. Elvis: Shipbuilding
8. Steve & Emmylou: Goodbye
9. Emmylou: Michelangelo
10. John: Lake Marie
11. Nanci: Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness
12. Elvis: Alibi
13. Emmy chat
14. Steve: Trancendental Blues

Encore 1:
15. Emmy chat
16. Emmylou & Elvis: Sleepless Nights
17. intro
18. Nanci: It's A Hard Life Wherever You Go

Encore 2:
19. intro
20. Elvis w/ all: American Without Tears
21. John: Paradise


Wonderful evening with all these great artists! The highlight to me was Elvis Costello's Alibi (somewhat surprisingly, given the names of the other performers); a very intense performance (I still remember how Steve Earle had a big grin on his face during the whole song). The entire evening was something special to me, hearing Sam Stone, Speed of the Sound.., Taneytown, Michelangelo, etc etc live. I'm quite happy with the sound on this as well.

It appears I've shared this before via trades; based on the coverart available here:, the tracking matches exactly how I have done it on this. Further, it appears this has been posted on DIME in 2009 with unknown lineage; Now you have it here from the master.


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