Larry Carlton - My Father's Place, Roslyn NY 1978-09-26 Pre-FM Reseed

Here's some Larry Carton recorded at My Father's Place, Roslyn NY in 1978. There should be no need for an introduction to this guy, so here we find Larry in his 2nd attempt at a solo career soon after leaving The Crusaders and showcasing his first warner brothers lp. Taken from an WLIR FM Broadcast in September of 1978, this great sounding Pre-FM show ranges from fusion,blues,and rock and larry just smokes it! Many thanks to the original seeder TaperAdvocat, and as always your comments are appreciated!!!

Larry Carlton
My Father's Place,
Roslyn, NY
September 26, 1978

Larry Carlton - Guitar, vocals on Track-3
Greg Mathieson - keyboards
Neil Stubenhaus - Bass
John Ferraro - Drums

01) Intro (2:16)
02) Room 335 (11:43)
03) Blues (5:58)
04) Don't Give It Up (7:10)
05) Rio Samba (11:58)
06) Only Yesterday / I'm Home (5:46)
07) Nite Crawler (7:42)
08) Put It Where You Want It (8:41)
09) Tight Squeeze (7:32)

Jazamo 3/2012 Reseed Notes:
Original Pre-FM #6 Flac (Dime 2007) > Check Decodable Files > Traders Little Helper.
This file set was originally posted by TaperAdvocat as a Pre-FM in 2005. That fileset was changed in 2007 to create "Intro" track-1 by rednoise. A different file set was posted by Davmar77 in 2008 with a fresh FM transfer.
The Date on this show has also been listed as September 30, 1978 and October 30, 1978.

All the Best in Music!
Jazamo 3/2012