Larry Carlton
Live at The Baked Potato
Los Angeles, CA
1985 12-20

Genre: Jazz/Blues
Audience Tape: A- (Crowd Noise, Tape Cuts, Splices and Flips)
Mikes: Sony ECM-E50 and Electrovoice 1771
Recorder: Sony TC-158SD
Transfer: Tascam 112 MK1 Cassette > Goldwave (Volume Boost) > Media Monkey (Flac Transfer L8)
Location: At the Bar
Tapers Trade List:

Tapers Notes:

Merry Christmas from the Baked Potato. Here is a short set of Larry Carlton
at "The Spud."

Set List:

1. I'm a Fool
2. Unknown Instrumental
3. Unknown Instrumental
4. Smiles and Smiles to Go
5. Unknown Instrumental
6. Blues Piece
7. Mulberry Street
8. Unknown Instrumental
9. Unknown Instrumental

TT: 1:07

The true thanks go not to me, but to the taping community behind whose footsteps
I have followed, including those who have perfected the art of stealth
recordings, the makers of the stealthy mikes, cords, adapters, and preamps, and
those who have graciously shared their recording techniques.

I am merely a mike stand with a credit card and driver's license.

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