Larry CARLTON, Nice Jazz Festival-France, 16 july 1989, FM masters

This is from various France Inter partial broadcasts i found on several old cassettes (a bit of work to search, collect, transfer and edit), so the tunes order is surely not accurate.

Dual tuner, Cassettes & Marantz SD4051 deck, Zoom H4, SD cards on PC, Audacity (volume, repairs & tracks), FLAC export.

Larry Carlton, guitar
Albert Wing, saxophone
Terry Trotter, keyboards
Jimmy Earl, bass
John Ferraro, drums

01 Strike Twice
02 Night Crawler
03 So What
04 Mulberry Street
05 Rio Samba
06 BP Blues
07 Layla
08 All Blues (13 mns "bonus track" also recorded in Nice, but xx july 1990)

On N�08 i had to do a repair : after 6 mns, one of the channels had many flaws and, for the second part of the song, i had to paste the correct track on the other.
04 and 08 seems to be from the same theme but the versions are different (length) and the radio announcer gave different names to the songs (may be 2 sets were played ?).
Some noise reception on 03 and 04 (mainly audible on quiet parts).

Sample in comment.

On dime by letsgo, september 2017.