Larry Carlton Band
Festival Guitare d'Issoudun
Centre Culturel Albert Camus, Issoudun, France
3 November 2012

Taper : Tommy Mariano
Source : Zoom H2, Mic Gain/M, WAV, 44.1/16 > FLAC (L8)

01. ?
02. Goodbye
03. Band Introduction
04. Friday Night Shuffle
05. Oui Oui Si
06. Wes Coast
07. Walk With Me
08. Josie
09. Smiles And Smiles To Go
10. Sunrise
11. Burnable
12. Sapphire Blue
13. Minute By Minute
14. Gracias
15. Room 335

Total time 1:23:20

Larry Carlton - guitars
Jesse Milliner - keyboards
Claus Fischer - bass
Helmut Fischoetter - drums

Many thanks to Tommy for recording and providing this recording through his blog

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