LA Dream Band
Osaka, Japan
August 1997
Genre: Jazz
Audience Tape
Quality: A- (Crowd Noise)

Don Grusin, Piano
Larry Carlton, Guitar
Harvey Mason, Drums
Eric Tagg, Vocals
Eric Marenthal, Sax
Alphonso Johnson, Bass

The "Dream Band" concept was an idea of Dave Grusin, who wanted to feature
the best jazz musicians from LA and take them on a tour. Alphonso Johnson
was with Weather Report. Larry Carlton needs no introduction. Eric Tagg was
the vocalis for Lee Ritenour ("Is It You?"). Eric Marienthal played with
Chick Corea and Lee Ritenourand is local to Los Angeles. Don Grusin is the
younger brother of Dave Grusin. Harvey Mason played with dozens of jazz
musicians, including George Benson ("Breezin'), Bob James, The Brecker Brothers,
Lee Ritenour, Herbie Hancock, Donald Byrd, Johnny Hammond, Bobbi Humphrey
and Gary Bartz.

This CD is not well known and is not actively traded, so this may be
uncirculated in The Dime community.

1. Unknown
2. Unknown
3. Cucumber Slumber
4. Unknown
5. Blues Guitar Piece
6. Briefcase
7. Sleepwalker
8. Room 335

Alphonso Johnson, Bass
Eric Tagg, Vocals
Eric Marienthal, Sax
Don Grusin, Keyboards
Harvey Mason, Drums

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