Artist: Larry Carlton Quartet
Venue: Sardinen, USF Verftet
City: Bergen, Norway
Date: 2012-02-03

Source: Digital master, audience recording
Taper: Larsen
Lineage: Zoom H4 -> WAV 16-bit/44.1KHz -> USB -> Adobe Audition CS5.5 (Amplified, normalized, EQ'd, mastered, fade in/out) -> FLAC -> Dimeadozen


Larry Carlton: guitar
Gene Coye: drums
Travis Carlton: bass
Dennis Hamm: keyboards

This concert was presentet by Bergen Jazzforum. The venue was the club Sardinen at USF Verftet. I had never heard of Larry Carlton before but decided it was time for something completely new to my ears. I brought my recorder and first decided not to record the concert, but changed my mind when the announcer introduced the band. I placed the Zoom H4 on the floor on the right side of the stage. I didn't think it would turn out too good, but the sound is quite okay. Listen to the samples to decide for yourself!

Please help me with the song titles!


01. Unknown Title (4:45)
02. Unknown Title (4:45)
03. Unknown Title (5:27)
04. Unknown Title (5:00)
05. Unknown Title (7:09)
06. Unknown Title (4:30)
07. Unknown Title (6:20)
08. Unknown Title (9:57)
09. Unknown Title (5:58)
10. Unknown Title (5:00)
11. Unknown Title (13:49)
12. Unknown Title (7:21)
13. Unknown Title (8:37)
14. Unknown Title (4:51)

Total running time: 93:29 mins.

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