Larry Carlton & Robben Ford - Live at Donte's 1977 {REMASTER}

Recorded at Donte's in Los Angeles sometime in 1977
(I could not find a more specific date at db.etree or through other on-line resources.)

CONTRAST CLAUSE: This is a {REMASTER} of Torrent # 166031 uploaded here October 12, 2007. The specific details of my remastering are spelled out below- mainly cleaning it up so that it is easier to listen to. I have included a sound sample in the comments below. Here is a link to the original torrent:

01 - Far Away.flac
02 - That Will Never Do (vocal).flac
03 - Keep That Same Old Feeling.flac
04 - Imperial Strut.flac
05 - Instrumental #1.flac
06 - Instrumental #2.flac
07 - Cosmic Rain.flac

Larry Carlton- guitar
Robben Ford- guitar and vocals [02]
Joe Sample- keys
Jeff Porcaro- drums
Pops Popwell- bass

Many thanks to the original taper of this and to all of the people who have handed it down over the years. There was a lot of tape hiss but other than that the sound quality was excellent.

I suspect that what we have here is a single channel of a stereo recording, with the other channel (having vocals and much of the keyboards) having been lost over the years. In any case, it is a historic document showing the influence that both of these guitarist had on each other when this was recorded 30 years ago.

Remastering information using Cool Edit Pro 2:

-light noise reduction on musical portion of tracks to remove extensive tape hiss
-I redid the transitions so that they were a lot smoother
-I added fade-out to [05] as that seemed to be the logical place to end the first disc

respectfully submitted by steeve_a

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The original info.txt file from the torrent uploaded to DIME on 10/12/07:

Robben Ford & Larry Carlton
Los Angeles, CA

Robben Ford: Guitar
Larry Carlton: Guitar
Joe Sample: Keys
Pops Popwell: Bass
Jeff Porcaro: Drums

SBD>?>Cass from Trade>Transfrerred to CDr by "Chun" about 10 years ago>EAC>FLAC

*A-/B+ Some, LOW vocals but guitars are loud & proud!


T1 Far Away 13:26
T2 10:11
T3 ?> Keep that same old feeling>? 12:22
T4 Imperial Strut 10:42
T5 13:26


T1 11:46
T2 Cosmic Rain 9:46

*Did my best with the set list

This has been in trading circles for MANY years and is one of those recordings that make the addiction to ROIO stronger. If you do not have it yet, you are in for a real treat. The playing that Larry & Robben are doing on their tour(30 years later) is great but I think this burns with more energy & passion. I think you will agree. This GREAT backing band does not hurt either.

I have not seen this show upped in the last couple years since I have been around here. If a master or even a better version circulates: Please : )