Larry Coryell Band with Jack Bruce, Mitch Mitchell

07/18/71 - 'Nice Festival', Nice, France (Radio broadcast)

lineage: FM>reeltoreel>cassette(one channel mono)>CDR> Logic Audio (turn one channel into 2 channel digital mono) > flac

Hereęs a soundboard tape from a rare trio performance of Larry Corryell with Jack Bruce (CREAM) on bass and Mitch Mitchell (HENDRIX) on drums. As far as I know, this is the only gig they did as a trio. A year earlier in 1970 they did a few more shows with Mike Mandell on organ. An audience tape exists from one of those shows at Fillmore East on January 30th 1970.
This particular tape I received in a trade with good old Caesar Glebbeek more than 12 years ago.Itęs a little rough sounding, but still a very good soundboard quality. It starts off with a not too good version of "Sunshine of your love", supposedly the last track from the first set, at the end Jack apologizes for the playing, saying "it wasnęt my idea,honest!". Sounds a bit like heęs been partying recently...
The tape continues with some Larry Corryel themes and a lot of jamming and "overplaying". Some hardcore Corryell guitar lick "attacks" typical for that phase.
Quite interesting also for Hendrix fans who dig Mitch Mitchell.


1. Intro with french voice-over
2. Sunshine of your love(fade-in)
3. Corryell Solo
4. Sunglasses
5. Depression > Jam with Larry
6. Flowers in the attic

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