artist: Larry Coryell

date: 2009-09-06

venue: International Jazz Festival
Mack Avenue Records Pyramid Stage
(open air venue)

city: Detroit

state: Michigan

country: United States of America

source: Audience

taper: PotHole Productions - (keith - billy)

recording gear: (stealth - as always)
Church STC-11 cardioid mics -> Church STC-9000 preamp ->
+10db gain -> Edirol R-09 @ 16/44 -> 8gb SDHC card ->

transfer: USB -> PC -> Goldwave (tracking/fades) ->
Flac Frontend/align sector boundaries/level 8 ->
The Traders Den |--> You <--|


With having the holiday weekend off with no work,
PotHole attended the 30th annual Detroit International
Jazz Festival, it has become more than North America's
largest free jazz festival and one of the world's finest
free music festivals.
(all open air venues)

a few loud clappers and woo-hooer's
here and there, and a cell phone chiming.

check out the sound sample(s) below
any help with the setlist is welcome

the players:

Larry Coryell - guitar
Julian Coryell - guitar
Jonathan Wood - bass
Jun Saito - drums

visit the Detroit Jazz Festival here:

visit larry Coryell here:

cd 1
track101 – [12:37] Bumpin’ On Sunset (Wes Montgomery)
track102 - [09:59] The Dragon Gate (LC)
track103 - [06:18] Love Is Here To Stay (George Gershwin) -Solo-
track104 - [07:43] Bolero (Maurice Ravel) -Solo-
track105 - [07:34] Limehouse Blues (Django) -Duet with Julian-
track106 - [13:57] Spaces Revisited (LC)
track107 - [09:40] Bag’s Groove (Milt Jackson)


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