Larry Coryell
solo accoustic guitar
Bull Run Restaurant
Shirley, Mass.
January 31, 2010
total runtime: 94:50 (minutes/seconds)

set 1 47:49
01: Blue Monk 6:41
02: Larry talks 1:48
03: spaces revisited 6:46
04: Larry talks :33
05: our love is here to stay 5:02
06: lonely.... 4:13
07: morning at the carnival 6:52
08: Larry talks 4:29
09: better get hit in your soul 7:30
10: she's leaving home 3:52

set 2 47:01
11: something 6:33
12: Larry talks > have you met Miss Jones? 5:07
13: my funny valentine 9:30
14: impressions 4:48
15: bolero! 9:58
16: Espana 8:52
17: witchi- tai- to 2:12

Zoom H2 internal mics stealth (audience) recording sent to me on CD in flac >
wav (loud clap and bump reduction, some level balancing and re-tracking) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
remastering by glasnostrd19.
a this and that production.
Do not sell this recording.
share the Larry freely, losslesssly and gaplessly.
He's the only one we've got.
there is some mic noise during the first two songs
due to the stealth nature of the recording. (setting up, ect.)
most of those noises have been reduced or removed for this posting.
not much more after that point. the loudest claps have also been reduced
to make them not overwhelming compared to alot of fairly quiet music.
each set is seamless and uninterrupted, ending with fading applause.
this is an anonymously recorded contribution to
Larry Coryell tribute month (march of 2013).