The Acoustic Guitar Trio (of 1989)
Larry Coryell
Al DiMeola
Birelli LaGrene
the Palladium
New York City, N.Y. U.S.A.
June 28, 1989
(also on the bill: McLaughlin/Eckhart/Gurtu trio)
performance quality: A very nice playing
recording quality: B to B+
source: 1st generation audience tape
unknown mikes > Sony D-6 cassette deck
(not sure in dolby was on or off) >
Maxell MX (metal) 90 min. cassette (high bias) >
my copy (same, copied Naka. to Naka. BX-100 dolby off) >
played on Naka. 125 into soundforge 4.5 >
FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
runtime: 85:27
setlist: unknown, concert not listed in etree.
Any help with the titles would be much appreciated
and updated in this description text.
since I have just 1 title that's no mystery to me,
the times are: (all are songs except track 1)
1: Les Paul introduces the trio 1:54
2: 13:44
3: 11:54
4: 2:21
5: 6:27
6: 6:17
7: 6:24
8: 2:20
9: no mystery 15:45
10: 9:42
11: 8:33
When I went searching for a setlist to this, I found out much to my shock,
this trio has a released live CD- but it's from 1990 at Nightstage! A nice
place to do that for them, I've gotta get that released disc. I wasn't able
to find any info on this concert at all, but I thought enough of it despite
a good 1st transfer to disc to just spare you all CD lineage details on
this one entirely and do a fresh new transfer. I think this may be a little
better, it needed some patching of distorting mike chord on one side, not too
much of it though and now this is a very enjoyable recording of a very good
acoustic guitar trio. The Next Generation of Al/John/Paco trio here, since
Coryell was briefly in that trio with John and Paco in 79, then 81 and 83 with
Al/John/Paco, then there was the guitarist who blew DiMeola away at right around
the age (if not even younger) then when Al first did that. If Al DiMeola says
you're a great guitarist, that says alot, and LaGrene is really good, worthy of
such great company. This trio is every bit as good (not quite the same) as AJP
trio, and this is the first of a couple of offerings I have in my July 4th torrent
blast with Larry Coryell in it. The other is from a couple of years later
playing jazz with his quartet. This was a very good concert. I wasn't planning
to post this McLaughlin trio show because I have a couple of better ones.
Other than a very nice upload from Phila here on dime recently, I haven't seen
any other recordings of this trio (in any quality). The tape copy had a few loud
sounds from a mike chord shorting out. All but a little of the least noticable
parts of that has been eliminated here by "monoizing" mostly very short sections,
a couple as long as maybe 20 seconds. I managed to do it so it's not very noticable
(either monoizing or the shorting out sound), I reduced a few loud claps, and
it sounds better than ever for its torrential unveiling. I didn't record this show
so maybe the master has been posted, but I haven't heard of this show being
around. It's one worth hearing many times over, no jarring noises left any more.
most of this has no shorting out or noises, and the recording was fairly close up.
With Return to Forever on their reunion tour, I thought this might be a good time
to hear some very good Acoustic Al with a couple of other guitar monsters.
This was near the beginning of a five week tour for this trio.
the introduction and tape flip are very slightly cut, hardly even noticable,
thanks to Phil J for recording this show. He did a good job, and if he ever hears
this remaster and hasn't done something similar himself to this recording,
I think he would enjoy hearing it without any loud distortion noises in it.
Only a few short portions where it's still there but not the loud parts
(I did not "minimize or reduce" any of the distortion parts, only monoizing
sections where it was loud so the music volume continuity is maintained
because all the mike chord shorting out noise was in one side.)
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
Not all "dim" things in life are depressing.
This one is anything but depressing.