An Eleventh House Reunion (? sort of)
Larry Coryell- guitar
Terumasa Hino- trumpet
Mike Mandel- keyboards
John Lee- bass
Alphonse Mouzon- drums
The Bottom Line
New York City, N.Y.
December 17, 1983
(second show)
audience tape
runtime: 83:38
1: birdfingers 4:41
2: one more time 11:55
3: band introductions :31
4: old friends 7:29
5: Lolita 6:50
6: don't break my funk 7:42
7: a night for love (Alphonse Mouzon) 7:26 (end cuts, tape ran out)
8: uptown 5:51
9: tango 7:32
10: higher love 13:57
11: the funky waltz 9:39
Sony 310 deck with built in mikes (maybe D-6?) cassette deck >
master tape > my copy (both Maxell XLII 90 w/no dolby) >
CD > CD extractor > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
I think this was one of the 11th House reunion tours,
but I'm not sure, don't know how much of a "tour" there
was of this group either. it's most of the 11th House and still
a fine lineup (Hino is very good too). this is the second of
2 shows this night and comes from a 1st gen. and sounds like a
Sony 310 recording. I made a CD, extracted the CD, balanced
the levels in it and Flac'ed it for you. Just a reminder
from Larry to us at this time that the 11th House is not
forgotten, and still sounded alot like the 11th House we
all know and love. this will not fit on 1 CD but there
are several good options for a disc break, several pauses
between songs in this set. some songs in here were from a
not yet released then-new studio album.
Thanks much to Phil in N.Y. for providing me a
1st gen. of this fine show from his master tape.