Larry Coryell and the 11th House
Reunion show (almost)
Larry Coryell: guitar
Julian Coryell: guitar
Murali Coryell: guitar (most of show)
Randy Brecker: trumpet
Danny Trifan: bass
Alphonse Mouzon: drums
(Mike Mandel was supposed to play keyboards in this show too,
but he was sick and unable to make the gig at all.)
Karen Cecilia Phelps: vocals on track 11

Oakmont Regional High school Auditorium
Ashburnham, Mass.
April 5, 2013
from 2 master audience recordings
runtime: 106:27 (minutes/seconds)
setlist: (1st set) 43:14
1: stage introduction 4:01
2: yin 10:32
3: right on, y'all 11:51
4: joyride 12:55
5: birdfinger 3:51
(2nd set) 63:14
6: intro and tuning 2:25
7: Low-lee-tah 11:50
8: the funky waltz 13:55
9: love is here to stay 7:17
10: ? acoustic solo 4:49
11: summertime 6:12
12: the cover girl 10:15
13: encore (?, cuts in) 6:30
lineage for 1st set, 2nd set introduction, cover girl and encore:
digital tapeless recorder and tie clip stereo mike > wav > flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
2nd set:
nak. CM-2100 mikes > DAP-1 DAT recorder > wav > flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and that production, in more ways than one.
this show would be complete and excellent sound, if the DAP was designed to be JUST a recorder
instead of a computerized recorder, that automatically rewound itself to the beginning of the
tape before engaging into record for set 2 (contrary to my commands, but I can own a tape deck,
nobody can own a computer), or if there hadn't been a set break.
but it's not, and there was, so this is half a great recording, and half a terrible one.
thanks alot TaSCAM for much much more than I've ever wanted or anyone will ever need in a recorder......
(now I know what their last 4 letters stand for...)
you'd never know that both recordings were made from the 8th row dead center.
but they both were. and neither one is complete.