Larry Coryell and "Spaces Revisited"
Teatro Aurora
Florence, Italy
November 4th,1997

Larry Coryell (guitar)
Bireli Lagrene (guitar)
Richard Bona (bass)
Billy Cobham (drums)

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A-/B+ (very nice aud-imo-crank it up) Check sample.....

CD 1

T1 Django Tune (Larry & Birelli Duet) 8:13
T2 Bag's Groove (Larry & Birelli Duet)(Milt Jackson) 6:30
T3 Pork Pie Hat 6:09 (Mingus)
T4 Straight, No Chaser 11:54 (Monk)
T5 Orfeu Negro (Theme from Black Orpheus)(Bonfa) 9:40
T6 ? 14:54
T7 The Three Marias (Shorter) 11:29

CD 2

T1 Dragon Gate 11:50
T2 Hong Kong Breeze 13:32
T3 Spaces revisited 12:54

I think this is an amazing line up and very good aud recording. The quiet parts are quiet but the louder parts are perfect. I have been planning to share it for a while. Larry PLUS Bireli,Bona & Cobham!! Nuff said.

BTW-I uploaded a DVD of this group from Fabrik Hamburg a long time ago & it's still on the tracker & still gets straggling leechers. My files got corrupted so I cannot seed it. If anybody happens to have it on their HD still, please nurture this by helping seed. Thanks. If you already are- Right on!!