Larry Coryell & the 11th House
Larry Coryell- guitar
Randy Brecker- sax
Mike Mandel- keyboards
Danny Trifan- bass
Alphonse Mouzon- drums
Sir Morgan's Cove (now the Lucky Dog Music Hall)
Worcester, Mass.
December 14, 1973
(late show)
performance quality: A- good stuff
recording quality: B to B+ (good
fidelity, but some static in parts)
source: FM master broadcast reel
runtime: 64:23
lineage: Neil Cronin master reel > CD > my CD >
CD extractor (WAV) > FLAC 6 > torrentially yours.
1: radio announcer introduction :49
2: the cover girl 14:39
3: band introductions 2:26
4: the funky waltz 8:28
5: atom smasher 5:41
6: Mandel keyboard solo (untitled) 13:23
7: rocks 8:59
8: birdfinger 9:18
9: radio announcer outro :36
this is one of a set of discs I was sent from taperpat to share
with the dime community, and one of 3 I believe to be a possible
upgrade (different source recording) than an existing dime torrent.
I've heard at least 3 different recordings of this show,
and all share some similar flaws (particularly in FM reception).
WAAF was not a very strong station in 1973, as it became more recently.
There are a couple of sections with interference in this one,
but most of it sounds pretty good for a 1973 FM recording. I have
balanced the levels out and retracked the CD I recieved so each
song starts with Larry's talk about that song.
This was the debut tour for 11th house, and their debut self-titled
studio album (which is a fusion essential) which included "Lolita"
(not played here, they did it in the Boston 73 broadcast a few days
before this). This is a nice set, from a master reel, not a perfect
recording but quite enjoyable sound except just a couple of very short
parts with FM static. Right about the time Mahavishnu Orchestra was
hitting their peak, this would be another fusion group just starting out,
and much like Maha. the 11th House didn't exactly "ease on in" to the
fusion situation. I don't think it's fair to call him Cobham Jr. but
Alphonse Mouson is very good, this was a year after he went on tour
with McCoy Tyner which is always a serious workout for any drummer,
so he was in shape for jammin'. This was one of the great fusion
bands and they gave a high energy set for Worcester. Sir Morgan's Cove
was a rock club. Hardly a jazz workshop. Larry and friends were well
prepared for that. Fusion was still quite new at this time, and not
alot of folks had heard of this group yet. I had seen Larry a year earlier,
at the Orpheum in Boston, and it couldn't have been more different than
this is. (also one of those few shows I'm really hoping to find a recording
of but not very likely to since I've yet to find anyone who knew about it) After 73, some of Coryell's music I like alot, some not so much.
From 71-73, Larry Coryell put out some of the greatest music EVER (imho),
first with "Fairyland" (live in Montreux 71, good luck finding that one),
then Barefoot Boy (the featured material in the show I saw) then the
1st 11th House album.
I have some various Larry to share with you from my own recording and
another source or two, all very different style and group and music
that should outline why Coryell is every bit as great as Hendrix, or
Clapton, Jimmy Page or Jeff Beck. This is the only one (thus far) from
that most vital period of Coryell. thanks to taperpat for sharing this
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.