Larry Coryell & The Eleventh House

palatiajazz 2016
Deidesheim, Germany


01 intro Yvonne Moissl > Larry Corryell 3:18
02 The Cover Girl (Mouzon) 15:24
03 intro Larry Coryell 1:08
04 Yin (Dauner) 12:39
05 unknown 11:27
06 intro Larry Coryell 1:46
07 Bolero (Ravel) 8:49

total time: 54:31

Larry Coryell – guitars
Julian Coryell – guitar
Danny Trifan – bass,
Joey DeFrancesco – Hammond B3, trumpet
Guido May – drums

Lineage: Line Audio CM3 > Sommer Cable Neutrik NC3 MXX-EMC XLR >
Zoom H5 with external battery > Audacity (editing > flac) > HDD

Recording and editing: jaype
Seeded on Dime 2016-11-15

Unfortunately only the first set was recorded.
The recording doesn‘t meet my usual recording standards because the recording position was pretty bad, but as there aren‘t many Coryell recordings on dime I decided to put it on despite of the deficiencies.

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