Larry Coryell and Michal Urbaniak
New Haven Restaurant, New Haven, CT

Lineage: aud M: 2x Audio Techica condensor mics>Marantz?>SA-X C90 nr-out, recorded by Commander.
Transfer: ZX7>USB DAD>Audacity>flac24-96>flac16 TLH sbe fix by taperchuck3 jan 2013.

01 tunning 3:56
02 The Other Side 12:35
03 Miss Julie 11:11
04 11:14
05 3 flamenco songs 10:34
06 Song for My Father 1:59
07 Sister Sadie 13:15
08 Bolero 9:00

1st min of t02 is rough and made mono.
flip after t04. show is 73:44 mins A- qual.
A little scratchy during Bolero from either mics or PA.
thanks to Commander for lending me more master tapes.
taperchuck3 enjoy!