Larry Coryell Quartet
Larry Coryell- guitar
Stanley Cowell- piano
Buster Williams- bass
Beaver Harris- drums
Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A.
September 10, 1987
(2 sets)
runtime: 163:59 (minutes/seconds)
1st set 92:24 (thanks to jmul65 for track 1, 5,12, 14 and 15 titles)
1: Toku Do (Buster Williams) 19:46
2: band introductions :45
3: equipoise (Stanley Cowell) 9:21
4: tender tears (end spliced after song ends, tape flip) 12:17
5: confirmation (Charlie Parker, fades in) 24:32
6: Bolero (Coryell solo) 12:31
7: first things first (Larry Coryell, end spliced, tape change) 13:09
2nd set 71:34 (thanks to ubu for track 10 title)
8: moment's notice (John Coltrane) 10:09
9: Christina (Buster Williams) 8:06
10: my funny valentine 9:16
11: November moon 6:50
12: goodbye pork pie hat (Charles Mingus) 9:19
13: P.S.P. #2 6:53
14: Rue Gregoire Du Tour (Larry Coryell) 9:51
15: first things first (Larry Coryell) 11:07
master tapes (probably Maxell XLII) >
1st gen. copy (same) >
played on Nak. 125 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
first seeded in 2010.
a this and that production.
Do not sell this recording.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
reseeded in 2012 with full set list (same flac, fpts)
Thanks to Phil J. for taping this show and
sharing it with me.
It was recorded with a Sony WMD-6 cassette recorder
and a Sony stereo mike of unknown model.
The master may have been recorded with Dolby B
but my copy was made without any dolby in playback or recording.
some of the onstage talk is fairly quiet and hard to hear but
the music comes through clearly. Nightstage was a very nice venue
that held about 650 people (maybe, if crammed full like a sardine can)
but was open for far too not long enough in the late 1980's.
Apart from a few brief tape flip interruptions this appears to be the
full 2 sets performed this night.