Larry Coryell Quartet
Larry Coryell: electric guitar
Donald Harrison: soprano & tenor saxophone
Bill Foster: bass
Kenwood Dennard: drums
"Montreux-Detroit Jazz Festival"
(note: NOT Montreux Jazz Festival)
Hart Plaza
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
August 31, 1997 (maybe 30th?)
runtime: 73:37
1: goodbye pork pie hat 6:54
2: tinkle trinkle 9:36
3: 'round midnight 10;37
4: all blues 13:41
5: unidentified (Larry Coryell) 12:17
6: easy living 6:30
7: first things first 13:59
thanks to jazzdave for sending me this on CD a couple of years ago.
this version of this concert has been posted at least once before,
although kinebee previously posted a version of this with 4 or 5 songs in it.
both versions are no longer on the tracker. this sounds like an FM broadcast
of one of my favorite guitar players with one of my favorite drummers.
Larry did some shows with Billy Cobham in the later 90's but Kenwood is
always welcome to my ears too. Just the slightest (barely noticable)
FM static (I think) in here, the music and sound are both quite enjoyable.
the 1st track in here is identified by a radio announcer as Goodbye PPH
but it doesn't sound much like any version I've ever heard of that.
sorry I don't know the title of track 5. I do know that jazzdave has
made several very nice jazz recordings from the 80's. he's been alot
less active (if at all) in the 90's, but always reliable for some great
jazz music recordings. much appreciated. I don't think this is one he made,
but it is longer than the previously shared source and it's very nice music.
I balanced the levels in it and applied DC offset, it sounds good, and it
now has just one unidentified song title (track 5).
this is yet another of Larry's creative tours. I love alot of Larry Coryell
music, and think a few more on dime have listened to him through a few of
my posts and others. that would be a good thing. Larry is a guitar legend.
his music spans many styles, this I would say belongs in "jazz" category,
and in your speakers.
Do not sell this recording.
Selling Coryell cuts to the core and makes me want to yell.
Share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.