Larry Coryell Quartet
Larry Coryell- guitar
Stanley Cowell- piano
Buster Williams- bass
Billy Hart- drums
DeCordova Museum Ampitheater,
Lincoln, Mass. U.S.A.
August 28, 1988
runtime: 115:09 (minutes/seconds)
2 sets
Recording quality: B+
Performance quality: B+ (maybe better than that.
A very good band and performance by all of them.)
lineage: AKG-D190E microphones
(this was when I still had both of them) >
Probably a Sony 158 cassette deck or something comparable >
Maxell XLII-S cassettes (no dolby) > soundforge (wav) > flac >
torrent. first seeded in 2008. reseeded in 2010 with
full setlist, exact track times, total runtime
and a flac > wav > flac (sb's aligned)
reconversion to remove the sbe's.
thanks to groovebass for track 2 and 7 titles
set 1: 51:15
1: stage introduction and tuning 1:32
2: confirmation 10:01
3: band introductions by Larry 1:00
4: Christina 8:01
5: equipoise 10:47
6: tender tears 11:04
7: unemployed Floyd 8:47
set 2: 63:54
8: prelude #2 5:50
9: rhapsody in blue 13:23
10: moment's notice 9:23
11: air dancing 10:55
12: Sienna, welcome my darling 11:01
13: the prayer for peace 13:19
this is a nice outdoor show (2 sets,w/ 1 tape flip splice)
of Larry Coryell's quartet being seeded for the first time
as part of the Bring On Obama and Resurrection of American
independence and pride (we hope) July 4th holiday torrent
blast. There won't be as many as there were in March, but
this is likely to be the best one yet because several shows
happened around this time of year that haven't been posted
before. looks like there will be about ten new ones, and
I suspect every single dime downloader will find at least
one they like, since most of them are of nice quality sound
and all of them are nice music (imho, or I wouldn't bother.)
The Decordova Museum Ampitheater is part of the Decordova
Museum in Lincoln, Mass. just a few miles west of Rt. 128.
It's a very nice place to see a show, much smaller than
Great Woods/Tweeter Center/Comcast Center, kinda like a
miniature version of it with a seating area surrounded by
grassy field with lots of trees, pleasant place for shows.
I've only seen one other show there, (Oregon 86, it's posted)
they didn't have alot of really big name bands there.
Larry Coryell has had a gaggle of fine bands over
a long and creative career, he is truly a legendary guitar
player, and his Orpheum, Boston 72 show with the "Barefoot
Boy" album band is still on my 10 most desperately sought
concerts list. Also the finest pure jazz concert I've ever
seen (McCoy Tyner 76 in Boston comes close to that).
I have not yet heard of a recording existing of either of
those, which like this show, were not broadcasted. So it's
likely most or all of you haven't heard this show either.
This has a mix of classical and jazz, no "fusion" here,
alot of it would even qualify as mellow, and it's an all
star caliber band, first time I'd seen any of them and
they were all solid. I was about 12 rows back just a few
seats to the right of center so there's a good balance.
there's one point where a mike gets knocked over, but I
think I got that sound mostly removed by monoizing a
short section, other than that it came out pretty nicely
not alot of crowd noise and the loudest claps have been
individually reduced to a tolerable volume so folks who
are wary of loud claps in audience recordings may find
this one to their liking, since I'm very fussy about
clappiness not drowning out my recordings (or DL's).
don't expect it to sound like 11th House, or Barefoot
Boy, but the quality of the music and playing is as
good as it is on Barefoot Boy, one of my favorite jazz
albums ever by anyone (I told Larry that when I got to
meet him briefly in Worcester in the 90's, also asking
where I could find a CD of that great album). He seemed to
have lost all interest in that style of music. That
is a damn shame, but that was also about 8 years after
this concert, which was another nice chapter in many
offerings from Larry Coryell. I've hoped to catch his
son Julian at some time but haven't yet. I did see and
record his other son (maybe one of?) Murali with his group.
It's a very musical family, and "Larry Legend" doesn't
just refer to Larry Bird anymore.
Do not sell this recording.
That cuts to the core and make me want to yell.
(and not just because it's Coryell.)
Trade freely, losslessly and gaplessly.