Larry Coryell: guitar
(with unknown bassist and drummer)
Alden Hall at
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
Worcester, Mass.
February 9, 1996
1st gen. audience recording
runtime: 19:28 (minutes/seconds)
setlist: (half of it, anyway)
1: tuning 1:49
2: ? 6:34
3: trinkle tinkle 7:56 (T. Monk)
4: closing comments by Larry 2:21
5: WCUW radio ID 1 :26
6: WCUW radio ID 2 :21
recorded on portable walkman type cassette recorder,
probably a sony D-6 with realistic mini mikes,
and maxell XLII-S 90 min. master cassette, w/ no dolby.
copied to another XLII-S tape since it was a much
shorter show than I was expecting, and the master
tape was erased for recording something else.
this is the full show. I don't remember why
it was so short, but it was a free admission show iirc.
played back on nak. bx-300 into soundforge (WAV) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
do not sell this recording.
share the Larry freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
he's the only one we've got.
(and yes, the one and only "Whoopee! University"
so some call it, IS in Worcester, Mass.)