A Robert Collins Master Recording.

Artist: Larry Coryell Trio (Coryell, DeFrancesco, Mouzon)
Date: February 20, 2009
Location: Yoshi's, San Francisco, California, USA
Seats: Somewhere near table 45
Deck: Korg MR1000 (5.6 Mhz, 1-bit Recording)
Mics: Neumann KM-140
Source: A:D Master Tape; Stereo
Sample Rate: 44.1Khz, 16-bit (FLAC)
Rating: A+
Length: 72 Minutes

Larry Coryell Guitar
Joey DeFrancesco Organ (Hammond B3/Leslie)
Alphonse Mouzon Drums

Buckle up, because this is an amazing performance with an A+ rating; a recording
that will exceed most expectations.

Due to the hospitalization of Jimmy Scotts, this trio was put together at the last
minute, and an email notice was sent out notifying people on the Yoshi's mailing
list of this special performance. At first I didn't think I could attend because
my friend is the Guitar player in Pete Escovedo's band...and was playing
Yoshi's - Oakland. But when I arrived at that show (Pete Escovedo & Family),
I asked about the Larry Coryell Trio, and was told my dates were off, the Trio
performance was the following week. Within five minutes I was on the phone
ordering tickets.

This performance will more than exceed any expectation that anybody has of
these three amazing musicians playing together. The entire performance was
filled by playing Jazz Standards. What else could you ask for (besides the
three of them playing fusion together)?

There is only one downside to the entire recording: the people at the table in
front of us were talking -- talking nearly all night long. They can barely be
heard, but with headphones on, you can't miss it. I wish somebody would have
told them to SHUT UP AND LISTEN!

AUD> Korg MR1000 (5.6 Mhz, 1-bit master tape)
---> Down sample to 96Khz, 24-bit using Korg Audiogate
---> Sound Forge
---> Down sample to 44.1 Khz, 16-bit
---> CD Architect
---> EAC
---> FLAC

Sound Samples:




Song list:
Start End Length Name
------------- ------------- ------------- --------------------------
00:00:00.000 00:01:10.656 00:01:10.656 Introductions
00:01:10.656 00:15:42.752 00:14:32.096 Fly Me To The Moon
00:15:58.308 00:25:19.445 00:09:21.137 Come Rain or Come Shine
00:26:06.293 00:36:25.280 00:10:18.986 Cariba
00:36:41.088 00:46:30.186 00:09:49.098 Very Early
00:47:42.442 00:59:27.593 00:11:45.150 Embraceable You
00:59:42.080 01:11:49.792 00:12:07.712 Star Eyes

1.01 Introductions.flac:358d0aaefe1dabdd98f4715bfa97cf92
1.02 Fly Me To The Moon.flac:333e2e1ae7f72d8c36bf65dce887490b
1.03 Come Rain or Come Shine.flac:7c16b55a9a66876614b2d7e2b26563ab
1.04 Cariba.flac:9bed853166841e485e819aaefac7a2ba
1.05 Very Early.flac:67fb4aa94be09dd5ed819aa8e9045450
1.06 Tribute to Jimmy Scott.flac:d3d6b52e80c0f8712ec6b9a202535395
1.07 Embraceable You.flac:75a55dcc432462ade7cebe543fc058c7
1.08 Star Eyes.flac:ee7669d0f9b983f4b31d3de90159aed0