Larry Davis & the Blues Survivors
Nightstage, Cambridge MA
December 13, 1986

Larry Davis - Guitar & Vocals
David Maxwell - Piano
Peter Ward - Guitar
Grover Mooney - Drums
Marshall Wood - Bass

Soundboard recording from my master. Not a great mix as it was a small club and the mix was for the
room and not for the tape

Nightstage was a wonderful club with great sound in the heart of Cambridge MA
across the street from the Necco Wafer factory.The soundman has his booth upstairs over hanging the main floor. The speakers were
mounted to the ceiling. This show was recorded on cassette from 2 microphones perched
on the soundboard booth, right in front of the speakers. I recorded many shows that way until
the new soundman made me record through the board, which didnít make for as good a mix in this size room
with the kind of setup it had.

2 Band Intros
5 Next Time You See Me
6 How Could You Do It To Me
7 Teeny Weeny Bit
8 Texas Flood
9 Lucille
10 The Sky is Crying
12 Its My Own Fault
13 Crosscut Saw
14 Stormy Monday