Garner, Larry 1998-06-16, Syracuse NY
This is a decent sbd of Larry Garner playing at the Dinosaur bar b que in Syracuse NY. Sitting in in the 2nd set(4-5) is Roosevelt Dean, "The Voice Of Syracuse". For the first min. or so levels where adjusted. Tape flips are noted with song titles. I took a lot of guesses with song titles. Larry is very good blues player, if you have never heard of him check out his web site.As always, Enjoy, Share but don't sell.

Disc 1

01. Good Evening Everybody
02. Juke Joint Woman
03. Don't Start That Cryin'
04. Shack Bully
05. The Road Of Life
06. Quit Drinking Whiskey
07. Every Now and Then I Wonder
08. Funk It Up(Tape Flip)
09. Funk It Up (Cont.)
10. Pay Your Own Way
11. Clepto
12. Cold Chills
13. Inst.
14. Ain't No Sunshine

Disc 2

01. Closing Inst.
02. Blow Wind Blow
03. Love Her With A Feeling
04. Let Me Tell You What I'm All About (R. Dean)
05. When You Talk To Me (R. Dean)(Tape Flip)
06. Four Cars Running
07. Live A Little
08. Walk The Dog
09. Drift & Ride
10. I Got To Keep On Singing The Blues