Larry Graham
(opening for Prince)
Feb. 23, 2011
The Arena at
Oakland, CA

this recording
TRT 1h01m38s
11 tracks

stealth audience recording by Easy Ed from 7th up from floor directly in front of a speaker array

Beyerdynamic CK930 microphones > Naiant Littlebox (custom built preamp and phantom power supply) > Sony PCM-M10 (24 bit 44.1kHz)

USB cable > PC > Sound Forge 10 Pro (track, convert to 16 bit [iZotope MBIT+ basic2 psych9 1 bit dither], export tracks to .wav files) > Trader's Little Helper (level 8 encoding, align on sector boundaries) > flacs, ffp, md5 files

No equalization or compression was applied