Larry Graham
and Graham Central Station
Yoshi's, San Francisco, Ca.
April 8, 2011 -Late Show

Sony pc62 stereo mini-microphone->
Marantz PMD620(16/44.1 wav)-> PC->
Cooledit2000(levels)-> CDwav(tracking)->
TLH-> Flac6

Larry Graham (bass, vocals)
Ashling Cole (vocals, funk box)
Wilton Rabb (guitar)
David Council (organ)
Jimi Mc Kinney Jr. (keyboard)
Brian Braziel (drums)

01. Intro->
02. We've Been Waiting->
03. Ain't No Fun To Me->
04. It's Alright-> I Just Blew My Amp Up
05. Feel The Need
06. Higher Ground
07. People->
08. Bass Solo
09. Larry talks
10. Square Biz* (Teena Marie song)[Eric Young on bass]
11. Larry takes requests
12. Family Affair->
13. Everyday People->
14. The Jam->
15. Thank You
16. crowd
17. More Bounce->
18. Higher
19. Yoshi's MC

Notes: Larry has a stereo amp set up.
One side of his setup blew (they had
to change the amp head) during It's Alright.
So, of course, Larry makes a song out of it
while they repaired the amp. Track 10 was played
as a tribute to the late Teena Marie. A guest,
Eric Young, was invited up to play bass.
* Larry did not play on this song.

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