Larry Keel & Natural Bridge
Legal Grounds
Rutherfordton, NC

Source: SBD>JB3@44.1k
Transfer:JB3>Nomad>Audacity 1.2.4>CDwave>FLAC

Taped and Transfered by Travis Viars

Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Kissimmee Kid
3. Ride Captian Ride
4. Early Mornign Rain
5. Mountain Song
6. Montana Song
7. Bitten By A Snake>
8. Tennessee Cut Up Breakdown
9. Little Bess
10.First Day in Town>
11.Kentucky Fried Mandolin
12.Heavy Traffic Ahead
13.Farewell Blues
14.Teach's Wrath>
15.Star of Munster
16.Weary Heart You Stole Away
17.Buffalo Creek
18.Durham's Bull

Disc 2
1. Intro
2. One More Dollar*
3. Water of Love*
4. Tonight I'll Be Stayin' Here With You*
5. No Time*
6. Critters*
7. Road to Columbus*
8. Intro
9. Ruby*

*w/"Big Daddy" Steve Mcmurry