Larry Keel and Natural Bridge
April 19, 2009

String Break Music Fest
Sertoma youth Ranch
Brooksille, FL

SBD* (aux XLR outs/ custom oade cables) > Apogee Mini-me @ 24/48 (w/ Soft Limiter on / curve 1) [S/ coax] > M-Audio Microtrack II
recorded by Kevin Preuss
(cf card) > wavelab (dither to 16-bit/conv. to 44.1kHz) > cd wave > flac

01. intro...
02. Town and country
03. Diamond Break
04. Take the Time
05. Bloody Mary Morning
06. Simple Man
07. Star of Munster
08. Wash My Hands (w/ Mitch Lind)
09. With A Little Help From My Friends
10. ...outro

*the sbd feed on Sunday was somewhat unbalanced between the two aux outs I used (more bass in one channel and more vocals in another).