Larry Keel Experience
Kirk Avenue Music Hall
Roanoke, Va
May 30, 2014

Soundboard -> Marantz pmd620 -> Tascam cc222 -> CD -> EAC -> WAV -> Audacity -> TLH -> Flac 8


d1t01 White House
d1t02 Bound To Ride
d1t03 Instrumental
d1t04 Flora, The Lilly Of The West
d1t05 Miles And Miles
d1t06 Walkin' Boss
d1t07 Sound Check
d1t08 I'm No Doctor
d1t09 Stealin' Corn
d1t10 Love
d1t11 Tennessee Jed
d1t12 Hot Dang
d1t13 Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
d1t14 Have Some Fun
d2t01 Memories
d2t02 Southern Nights
d2t03 Sweet Love
d2t04 The Wind Cries Mary
d2t05 Black Peter
d2t06 All Fall Down
d2t07 Ripcord


Larry Keel - Guitar/Vocals
Jenny Keel - Upright Bass/Vocals
Will Lee - Banjo/Vocals

Larry and crew performed this night for the 3rd annual Night Rider's Ball. The Night Rider's Ball is a celebration of eco-friendly commuters. If you rode a self propelled vehicle to the event, admission was free. The band played 1 long set beginning at 8:30pm and lasting about 100 minutes. After the show the band boarded up and headed for Indiana, a 10 drive to perform the next evening at the John Hartford Memorial Music Festival.

As is always the chance when grabbing a soundboard feed, the mix isn't perfect. The instruments sound fantastic, the vocals are a bit hot. I was thankful for the patch.


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