Larry Keel Explosion
Sept 30, 2017
Devils Backbone Hoopla
Roseland VA

source: microtech gefell mg27(omni) > Niant PFA > Nbob active cable>
P2(oade mod acm 24/48)
trans:cr>wavelab(track,fades,dither resample, normalize) TLH(flac, md5)

01. intro
02. Little Green Man>
03. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
04. Lizard Baby?
05. instrumental?
06. In The Evening When the Sun Goes Down
07. Love
08. instrumental?
09. Culpepper Woodchuck

notes: mg27's on Nola bar, 8' high, at sbd. Shure A81WS Large Foam wind screens

Alwyn Robinson drums
Jay Starling keyboard
Jeremy Saunders sax
Gibb Droll elecric guitar
Al Al Ingram bass
Larry Keel acoustic guitar