Larry Keel's Fishin' and Pickin' Workshop
The Festy
Workshop Stage Fri. 2pm
Devil's Backbone Brewery, Roseland, VA

Sony PCM-M10 @ 24/44.1 (20' out 4'ROC @6' up on tree branch) > HD > Audacity (reduced peaks, edited wind rumble, normalization, dither) > CDWave > dbPowerAmp > FLAC > mp3Tag

01. hellos
02. Growler
03. Mountain Song
04. banter
05. The Brown County Breakdown
06. banter
07. The Fishin' Reel >
08. Sound Check

Larry Keel - guitar, vocals
Will Lee - banjo, vocals
Shannon Wheeler - fiddle, vocals

This was my first set of the weekend as I finished setting up camp 20 mins before. Just brought the M10 and cables to the workshop figuring I'd be able to patch from someone already there but didn't see any stands until the Founding Fathers set after Larry, so this may be the only source for this set

This is an edited fileset -- only the music portion (plus start and music talk) of the set as there was much crowd conversation picked up during the fishing talk sections. I do have it complete if anyone wants it (prob. 20 minutes of fishin banter/Q&A edited out)
- some wind rumble EQ'd