Artist : Larry McCray
Date : 2012 March 19th
Venue : "Blues autour du Zinc" opening concert,
Blues Festival. 2012
Hôtel de Ville
Beauvais, France

Duration : 55'10"

Lineage : Olympus LS-5 linear PCM recorder -> wav (16 bits / 44,1 kHz)
-> USB transfer -> audacity (split tracks) -> flac


00 Caroline Cayeux (City Mayor) intro speech
01 That's what love will make you do (to me)
02 She's a woman
03 (Jeff Beck cover)
04 Man on bended knee
05 ?
06 Band introduction
07 Soul shine
08 Buck naked

notes : Introducing the show, Mrs Cayeux, mayor of the city of Beauvais, dedicates
this concert to the families of kids that were shooted and killed in their jewish
school a few hours ago.

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