Larry Ochs Sax & Drumming Core
live at Le Brass, Brussels (Belgium)
5th December 2009


Track list:

Set 1:
1. Stone Shift (for Kurosawa) (18:28)
2. band introduction & announcement (1:01)
3. Abstraction Rising (14:50)
4. Across From Over (13:42)

Set 2:
5. announcement (0:21)
6. Wild Red Yellow (for David Cronenbergh) (26:30)
7. Finn Follows Jupiter (13:42)
8. band re-introduction & announcement (0:48)
9. A Sorcerer's Fate (10:10)

TT: 1:39:32

Larry Ochs - tenor & sopranino saxophones
Satoko Fujii - synthesizer, piano
Natsuki Tamura - trumpet
Scott Amendola - drums
Donald Robinson - drums

Edirol R-09 (built-in microphones, 48.0 kHz/WAV-24bit) > Audacity (downsampling to 44.1 kHz/WAV-16bit, tracks splitting, volume boost) > xACT-FLAC(6) + file tags

1. In my opinion, this was a great concert, highly varied, never boring, very balanced in terms of the various musicians' contributions. Despite the fact that all compositions are by Larry Ochs, this sounds like a band, not Larry's group.
2. The titles in set 2 are guesses, based on Larry's announcements (which are not always that clear), and on me peeking in Larry's music scores before the concert. Anyone who can confirm/amend/correct/integrate is most welcome to do so.
3. The Larry Ochs Sax & Drummng Core has been existing since the beginning of this century. They originally started as Larry and the two drummers. Then around 2007 the two Japanese musicians joined. They have three official CDs out, the first two as a trio and the last one (just published) with the same lineup you hear on this recording. Check out Larry's website at
4. I have hesitated whether I should attribute this group to DIME's "jazz" category. But since a key figure of the Belgian jazz scene left the concert after the first set because he didn't like it, in the end I opted for the "avantgarde" category.
5. On stage the musicians were placed as follows. In front, left-to-right: Satoko Fujii, Natsuki Tamura, Larry Ochs. In the back, left-to-right: Scott Amendola, Donald Robinson.

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