Larry Sparks & the Lonesome Ramblers
w/Stuart Duncan

1. Doin� My Time
2. Girl at the Crossroads Bar
3. (Instrumental?)
4. That�s the Way You Feel
5. I Can�t Go On Loving You
6. John Deere Tractor
7. Pale Yellow Rose (?)
8. --
9. Going Up Home To Live In Green Pastures
10. Under the Double Eagle
11. Mind Your Own Business
12. (Instrumental?)
13. Dark Hollow
show ends?

different source
14. Sally Goodin�
15. Come Back To Me Little Darling
16. Imitation of the Blues
17. Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open
18. (Instrumental?)
19. Love of the Mountains
20. (Instrumental?)
21. ?
22. Back Up & Push
23. ?
24. Shoe Goes On The Other Foot
25. I Want to Die Easy
26. Cannonball Blues
27. Smoky Mountain Memories

Recording is low, I would suggest turning it up!!

Unknown taper
CD Extraction Via EAC

There are some rough spots to this recording, the quality in most cases
is good. However you can hear most every original track split, i have
not made any editing changes to what I extracted from CD. The music
contained on this historical recording certainly outweigh any imperfections.
We thank the taper for capturing this moment.