Larry Sparks & The Lonesome Mountain Ramblers
Noppped Hill Bluegrass Festival
Lanesboro, MA

Source: AKG480/CK61 caps > Beyer Dynamic MV-100 > DAP-1 by Tom Reizes
Transfer: MDAT > Fostex D-15 > Ardour @ 48k
Master: Wavelab 10 (tracking, levels) > FLAC 1648

Thanks to Tom Reizes for the DAT and to Mitch Wittenberg with help identifying the songs played.

Early and late (4:00 pm) shows

Early Show

01. MC into early show
02. Walking On The Blue Ridge Mountains
03. When They Started Digging In The Ground
04. Around The Carousel
05. Bue Virginia Blues
06. Kentucky Chimes
07. Willie Roy
08. Heart Trouble
09. Carter's Blues
10. Boys Keep Away From The Girls
11. Under The Double Eagle
12. New Highway
13. The New Love Letter
14. The Gospel Train
15. Single Girls, Married Girls >
16. You Are My Flower
17. I'd Like To Be A Train

James King played in between the Larry Sparks sets

Late Show (4:00 p.m.)

18. MC late show intro
19. Dark Hollow
20. A Face In The Crowd
21. Last Day At Gettysburg
22. Mansion On The Hill >
23. Mind Your Own Business
24. John Deere Tractor
25. Bluegrass Breakdown
26. Brand New Broken Heart
27. Randy Lynn Rag
28. The Old Plantation
29. Ring Of Fire
30. Be Nobody's Darling
31. This Lonesome Old Feeling
32. Good Imitation Of The Blues
33. Danny Boy
34. Jesus Walks Ahead Of Me
35. Going Up Home To Live In Green Pastures
36. band intro
37. Bound To Ride
38. Tennessee 1949

Performed shortly after the release of New Highway. The early show may have been impromptu, or part of the performance rescheduled from the late show, because James King and his band was running late. In the end, King played a set in between these two sets, and then closed the show after the Larry Spark's late show. Bill Paisley opened the day's festivities.

Some wind noise here and there. Fixed four small digital glitches in John Deere Tractor. Couldn't remove the crying baby, though.

Larry Sparks - guitar, vocals
Scott Napier - mandolin
Josh McMurray - banjo
Virgil Bowlin - bass fiddle


--mhg :: 2020-10-05