Last Train Home
March 26, 2010
The Garage
Winston-Salem, NC

Source 1: CA-14> Sony PCM D50
Source 2: SBD> Tascam DR-07
Transfer: Sony PCM D50 and Tascam DR-07> Audacity (normalize, merge)>CD Wave (tracking)> foobar (tagging)> TLH (flac level 8)

Set One

01. Dogs on the East Side
02. Down to the Well
03. Drinking From a Swimming Pool
04. Banter
05. Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You*
06. Last Good Kiss
07. Banter
08. My Sally
09. Can't Come Undone
10. Quarter to Three
11. Anywhere But Here
12. Hendersonville Story
13. Hendersonville
14. The Beat Goes On#
15. Banter> Believe^ tease
16. The Amazing Lorenzo
17. I Know a Bird
18. I Flew Over Our House Last Night%
19. It Doesn't Matter
20. Doughnut Girl
21. Banter
22. Tranquility Base
23. (Say) Won't You Be Mine+
24. The Pirate Song
25. Wait a Minute
26. I Don't Want the Night to End

* Bob Dylan
# Sonny and Cher
^ Cher
% Tom T. Hall
+ The Stanley Brothers

Last Train Home is:

Eric Brace - guitar, lead vocal
Tom Mason - electric guitar, trombone, squeezebox, vocals
Ed Adkins - bass
Paul Griffith - drums

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