Artist: Laughing Hyenas
Venue: (weldermatt)@The Ritz
Location: New York City, NY
Date: 1988-10-28
Media: CDR(1)
Sets: 46 mins+
Grade: B+

Source/Lineage: Soundboard Cass (unknown gen) > Denon DR-M24HX (w/Azimuth adjustment) > Audacity (.wav) > NGWave v.2.3 (volume levelling, hiss reduction) > NeroWave Editor (spilts) > TLH (.flac Lv.8)

Received in a trade during the early 1990's with Wally. (English Midlands based taper/trader)

Transferred by weldermatt

Possibly taped by MT (Trashamericanstyle)

Opening for Sonic Youth./Die Kreuzen

1. Lullaby And Goodnight (s/check)
2. Stain
3. 7 Come 11
4. Sister
5. Gabriel
6. Lullaby And Goodnight
7. Desolate Son
8. Hell's Kitchen
9. Playground
10. Dedicated To The One I Love
11. Love's My Only Crime

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