Laura Cantrell - Borderline, London, UK, Dec 9 2002 [2002-12-09]
17+5 tracks, 79:51, 1 CDR. A.

Source: Sound Professional BMC6-mics (AT803b, omni-directional) -> SP batterybox -> Sony R37 minidisc
Transfer: Sony deck -> Audiophile Delta 2496 (digital in) -> Emagic Logic -> few edits -> SHNTool -> SHN -> xACT -> FLAC.
Taper: quos

1. intro
2. Big Wheel
3. Somewhere, Some Night
4. Don't Break The Heart
5. Early Years
6. Mountain Fern
7. Queen Of The Coast
8. All The Same To You
9. Do You Ever Think Of Me
10. Two Seconds
11. Churches Off The Interstate
12. chat
13. When The Roses Bloom Again
14. intros
15. Conqueror's Song
16. Too Late For Tonight
Encore 1:
17. The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter
18. Not The Tremblin' Kind
Encore 2:
19. chat
20. Christmas Letter Home
21. chat
22. Pile Of Woe


This was an exciting evening for me: traveling all the way to UK, and see two of my favorite artists at the time, Laura Cantrell and Eileen Rose, at the same gig at the Borderline, London. Laura's performance was impeccable and I think the recording luckily captures the vibe pretty much as I remember it. Afterwards, both ladies came out and chatted with the crowd; a very enjoyable evening indeed.

I have a recording of Eileen's opening set as well, and I also have a recording of Laura's day-concert the following day, December 10th 2002, also at the Borderline. I will post that them both later.

I have been away from trading circles for quite a long time; sharing my audience and FM recordings (most of which are from early 2000's) now here on DIME.


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