Laura Ivancie with Reggie Houston
Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR.
July 2, 2015

I'm not going to be able to record as much this year. I'll try to get all the major acts and some favorites I've had over the years. Again, KBOO FM is broadcasting the show live. KBOO is an all volunteer station. All proceeds from the festival go to the Oregon Food Bank so please donate if you can. They also have a live stream on the internet. It's an MP3 stream. My set up is an old Technics Quartz Tuner> H2 Zoom> SD card> computer> TLH.

When a softly spoken singer-songwriter with guitar in hand lists Ani Difranco as one of her primary influences; describes her music as �rooted in blues;� shreds her �good girl image� and starts experimenting with the succulent sounds of electronic strings, synths, trip-hop and dance beats, you know you�re in for an interesting listen�

LAURA IVANCIE�S penchant for intelligent and thought-provoking lyricism coupled with sexy grooves, haunting melodies and her smoky, sultry timbre brings expressive and passionate tones to the often repetitive structure of electronica. �My music dances with the dark side; it is introspective and tells a story, with a heavy influence of electronica; however, I feel like my voice and melodies have a tendency to swing a bit, giving it a soulful tinge that blends throwbacks like Eva Cassidy with Lauren Hill and Sade.�

A rare breed of musician, IVANCIE occupies the one-percent that can compose and perform in polar genres with ease; singing sweetly with her hypnotically soothing voice to soft acoustic tunes then intensely belting across an electronic beat. Dripping with resonantly expressive and passionate tones, then accented with electric elements, Ivancie possesses a depth of talent that comes straight from her soul. A fan of such diverse artists as India Arie, Depeche Mode, Erykah Badu, Portishead and Ella Fitzgerald, her voice remains central to her music even as she breaks into a whole new �folktronic� genre.

Reggie Houston
One need only witness a REGGIE HOUSTON performance to understand why his talent has been courted by legends like Fats Domino, Dr. John, Charmaine Neville, The Neville Brothers, and Peter Gabriel. Though Reggie�s roots are in New Orleans, his knowledge and appreciation of musical styles spans the globe.

Reggie had his first professional gig at age 12 when he joined the Batiste family band, The Gladiators, one of the preeminent and pioneering bands of funk. After traveling the world, as a permanent member of Fats Domino�s band for 22 years, he joined The Charmaine Neville Band as it rose to world prominence.

The list of musicians Reggie has played with includes: Irma Thomas, Etta James, Mahalia Jackson, Maria Muldaur, Professor Longhair, Chuck Berry, Dell Shannon, Buff Sainte-Marie, The Neville Family, Bo Diddley, Janice Scroggins, Patrick Lamb, Norman Sylvester, The Freak Mountain Ramblers, Davell Crawford, Mitch Woods� and on and on.

Reggie moved to Portland in 2004 where he leads several groups�REGGIE HOUSTON �Duo�, Reggie Houston�s Box Of Chocolates, Reggie Houston�s Crescent City Connection and Reggie Houston�s C�EX All Stars�as he continues to learn, grow and spread Peace, Love, Understanding, Joy through Music.

Set List:
01 Make Me Wanna Holler
02 Photo Bred?
03 unknown
04 Ain't No Sunshine
05 One Less
06 Till The End
07 What You Won't Do For Love
08 Candy
09 Free
10 Ain't No Use