February 2, 2012

1. The Muse, 2. Ghosts, 3. Don't Ask me Why, 4. Salinas, 5. Goodbye England, 6. Failure, 7. My Winding Wheel (Ryan Adams), 8. New Song, 9. Flicker & Fail, 10. Night After Night, 11. My Friends, 12. Band Introductions, 13. Sophia, 14. Alas, I Cannot Swim, 15. Rambling Man, 16. All My Rage.

Track Info: The Forum, Melbourne, VIC, AUS

Source Info: AUD>DAR>WAV>FLAC [Sony PCM-M10 Internal Microphone]

Mastering : Normalise and Amplify Soundforge > Audacity Split > Downsample 16bit/44khz

Taper : Roman 79 ~ 10m from stage centre
Sound Rating: 8.3 (B)

Length: 77:22

Sound Comments/Faults?: Pre-amp on my Naiant ran out of battery, hence I had to switch to the internal microphone on the PCM-M10. This happened just as show started hence I missed the 1st song. Sounds okay, but is muffled, some clipping on first couple tracks as recording volume was too high. Audience is very quite, some taper rustling, but the camera going off during the set isn’t mine.

Show Comments: Missing 1st track “I was Just a Card”. Tracks 5-10 are played solo acoustic.