Laura Marling
Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco, CA
April 30, 2017

Schoeps CCM4s->Tinybox->M10
Taper: calrust

01) Soothing
02) Wild Fire
03) The Valley
04) Don't Pass Me By
05) Always This Way
06) Next Time
07) Nothing, Not Nearly
08) Take the Night Off (solo)
09) I Was an Eagle (solo)
10) You Know (solo)
11) Breathe (solo)
12) Daisy
13) Band Intros
14) How Can I
15) Salinas
16) Sophia
17) "band facts"
18) Once
19) Rambling Man

A simple thanks is not really needed or requested as I will take the fact that you downloaded it as thanks, any comments on the show or the band or the recording is always nice.
this recording is in 24/48
Here is a link to what seems to be a user friendly piece of freeware to change sample rate should you wish

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